Standing Desks

Anyone use a standing desk setup here? Especially interested in people thoughts about a variable height system like this one:

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Don’t the buffalo’s hooves tear it up?

A couple of people in my office just got them. I put the under/over at 4 1/2 months before they’re back to sitting full time.

I got one recently for the shoulder rehab. So far it’s been awesome actually. But ask me in a couple of months.

Yeah me too. The treadmill is worth it. It’s hard typing whilst running though and when I use voice commands I feel like I’m shouting. I had to re-calibrate my voice recognition to recognize my running voice rather than my sitting calm voice. People started to complain so they moved my whole setup to the basement. There are no windows or anything but I get to shout all I want.

I have a bike desk. It’s inefficient. But when I’m lazy and want to play turn based video games or watch netflix

Come on man

You too

This stuff is pseudo science. The research I’ve seen says standing still for long periods is just as bad as sitting. The variable to improved health is movement. Taking a brief walk every hour is more effective than spending money on a trendy expensive desk…

I heard iheariheartmath’s firm employs junior staff for this purpose.

(Not sure if this is nsfw. Maybe if your company is hacksaw.)

What about mixing in sitting and standing throughout the day?

The only comprehensive study I’ve seen on this is that standing and sitting are roughly the same, so not sure why changing from one position to the other would be meaningful. If I wasn’t on my smartphone, I’d try to find you the study. But I bet you can Google it. The meta studies on standing desks find little to no evidence combined with bad experimental design

I switch between standing and sitting and noticed I don’t stand as motionless as I sit. Also initiating moving around (even just for a sec in the cube) from standing is much easier than from seating. Overall I move more during the work day now, which is supposedly healthier.

Going for walks every hour is good… in theory… but people get busy… It never happens.

Same can be said for exercise, eating healthy, or anything else. The whole point is to change one’s habit and lifestyle.

A standing desk, is basically a desk that allows you to stand up comfortably while working. Using this type of desk can partly negate the harmful effects of sitting too much. The harmful effects of sitting after meals could help explain greater risk of type 2 diabetes.Sitting ideal links sedentary time with an increased risk of both depression and anxiety. Height-adjustable standing desk gives you the best of productivity and energy boost. Value Office furniture provides all kinds of standing desks at a reasonable price.

We have a few treadmill desks at work. Never seen anyone use them. If you’re doing two things at once, you’re half-assing both IMO.