Stanley Cup and NBA Finals

Well the first period of Detroit vs. Pittsburgh was pretty good. I think the Lakers will win the NBA Finals in 6. It’s not like you guys have anything else to do tonight, right? Discuss.

Being a Leafs fan I have no right to comment. Anyhow, I think there’s just something about the way that Detroit matches up with Pittsburgh that makes the Cup finals a little less exciting than, say, the Edmonton vs. Carolina final a few years back. Sure, there’s a bit of mystique surrounding a Stanley Cup rematch, but not it Detroit just takes it in 5 again. Personally, I would’ve much rather watched Anaheim ride Hiller to another Stanley Cup game 7. As for NBA, I don’t follow a whole lot but my pick of the Cavs is already out :confused: So much for the office pool…

People actually watch the NBA? who woulda thunk.

Detroit is just a ridiculously disciplined team. What a goal that was by Stewart. They caught Pittsburgh trying to change lines and capitalized on the tiny window of opportunity. I have trouble watching these two teams though because both of them are really hard to root for. Neither team is that likable, and the cities both suck too, ha.

^^^ +1 Pittsburg (SP) = worst city i ever had to go to. Stinks like farts.

Whoever is not watching this hockey game, you should be. This is the most exciting game I’ve seen in a long long time.

why you gotta do that guyyyy whyyyyyyyyy…I hate the CFAI alot right now.

Dude, there’s only an hour left in the game. What’s an hour? You can afford to take a break. (haha)

Crosby is on fire. I am a big time leafs fan, but that is a lost cause, want to see Sid lift his first cup this year.

I dont normally watch either sport(more of a baseball football fan) but I think its a good mind clearer to see some good playoffs, rooting for Pens/Lakers

Seems like Lakers will win at 4th -_-