Stanley Cup - Go Preds

anyone watching tonight?

I’ll try to catch it. Wil have to turn it off if the Penguins take a lead though.

ugliest uniforms in the NHL thats fo sure.

#3: 2009 Montreal Canadiens 1912-13 throwbacks

Looking more like the uniform of a 1920s chain gang rock breaker than a legendary hockey team, this tribute to Montreal’s centennial season was so ugly that coach Bob Gainey refused to let his team wear it a second time after its Feb. 1, 2009 debut. Boston’s Shawn Thornton, whose Bruins beat the Canadiens 3-1 that night, thought that was the right call. “I was really concerned about it in warmup,” he said. “When there were 23 guys skating around, I was dizzy and I didn’t know if I got enough sleep or what.”

Goooooo preds!



Isn’t BS from Pittsburgh? He must be pretty happy. I guess we’ll never know what with the IP ban and all. #FreetheSwan/FakeTurd

People are eating raw catfish. Not sure why Preds fans throw catfish on the ice, and I’m really not sure why anyone would think eating raw catfish is cool. Gotta deep fry those f’uckers. They’re not exactly a “clean” fish.

Should’ve been the caps. SMH

yeah I prefer to take my bites out of raw salmon, like a bear in a stream

After the Penn State thing, I don’t think any sports team should call themselves the Predators.

That was pretty damn funny.