Stansberry Research Article

I got this on an email: I used the search functions and nothing seems to have popped up. Just wanted to check on the legitimacy of this guy and his company. Anyone heard of him? Will be interesting to hear your comments. Personally, seems like a doom and gloom contrarian to me. I like how he warns “viewer discretion is adviced”…haha

His newsletter has a huge subscriber base. He can move large caps based on recommendations

Oh nice…so I am guessing he’s pretty reputed then. So why hasn’t his bashing of the US economy come out into the mainstream channels? I am sure there would have been many a people who would have tried to refute what he just wrote. Or is it because I am not in the US that I haven’t been able to catch it? Just curious as to what the reaction was when this article came out. I tried googling around, but didn’t really see much. He seems pretty serious about the shit hitting the fan.

im pretty sure people have. they are probably just not as well known to get the press.

Isn’t Stansberry where Jessie Spano wanted to go to the college?

Thanks SuperiorReturn. So, what’s the general consensus on this article? Anyone here really argrees/disagrees with him? Surprised such an article didn’t get discussed here. I would love to hear you guys out. He really feels the US government is gonna shoot itself in the foot? And he never really addresses the issues in Europe or the euro currency as well. I thought it was a pre-determined mindset he already had and just tried to justify it by taking a few arguments.