starbucks earnings

Earnings have fallen year over year…No way…not with the amount of coffee I have been drinking. I feel like this forum could swing earnings if we wanted to.

hahaha… this is “Post of the DAY”!

jalmy… Dont they give you free coffee?? Maybe your part of the problem! haha…jk

Correct the last time I read their Financials they had your name listed in the footnotes. Since FASB added a new rule of disclosing the name of platinum customers whom they do businesses with. So my forecast: SBUX goes bankrupt after you done with your L3

Yes LIFO bases they said in the footnote - Jalmy used all the inventory had to change to LIFO system!!!

it´s partly down to me getting an in-house coffee machine to substitute the daily starbucks which so comprehensively sucked my cash during level 1. that´s 200 euros gone…

I get my drinks for free at the local Sbux, but I figure two medium vanilla latte’s a day (avg, actually below avg lately) @ $3.91 MSRP would be $2,854.30. Incredible how that adds up.

am i the only sucker that loses his wallet at starbucks? i mean, just last saturday, i spent like 13 bucks there! 1 grande coffee, 2 venti iced americanos, 1 ham and brie sandwich. wtf, i need free sh*t. on a serious note, are you guys able to focus in a starbucks? i think i get distracted too easily.

I bought like 5 packs of smith and wesson foam earplugs from walmart out of the hardware section that I wear everywhere I study, even libraries. It has done wonders for my productivity.

smith and wesson? like the sht you use at the shooting range? or the ones that construction workers wear when they’re power drilling? that is hilarious. i’m gonna try that, though.