Start lvl 2 now or IMC

Hi All, I’m a CFAddicted lvl 2 repeater (or so planning until recently). I didn’t pass last year (all subjects btwn 50 - 70) and have only lightly reviewed secret sauce so far this year. My concern is that I am searching for a solid job in London and that even if I REALLY started now I would commit so much time that could be used towards my job search. Another option I’ve looked at is doing the IMC test as it is SO much more flexible and won’t take nearly as much time. On top of that its seems to be rather respected in the UK, am I right to say that? And finally, the IMC combined with a CFA lvl 1 pass would make me RDR qualified. Of course the CFA is the gold standard, but even a level 2 pass won’t guarantee me much (in terms of employement). That being said, if I do not go for the lvl 2 this year I’ll most certainly take and pass it in 2012. All and any advice would most certainly be appreciated. Empathetic or just downright mean. I am also open to constructive advice. Thanks alot in advance and best of luck with your studies everyone. Lvl 2 is a beast, but you all seem to be well on your way to slaying it!!

Well, Level 2 is a useful thing for a career, but having a good job is even better. If you had a guarantee of getting either but not both, I’d say delaying L2 for a year in favour of a good career job makes pretty clear sense. If you are delaying a highly probable L2 for a faintly possible job, I’d just get L2 over with and then get the job. You need to be the judge of what your chances are with this. I don’t know much about IMC.

Thanks. I am working now and certainly plan to have a job (need to put in the time). Also, I only have about 1-year of work experience that would actually count towards the Charter anyhow. The IMC is no replacement for lvl 2 and not even comparable. It is the Investment Management Certificate offered by the CFA UK Society (basically like a CFA lvl 0.5, but you get qualified after the exam and its MUCH more forgiving). But I don’t know too much about it, does anyone else? Thanks for your POV

I took and passed the IMC a couple of years ago…I literally spent 2 weeks studying in the evening. having said that, I was Level 9 fail for L2 last june, despite studying really hard. I don’t think you can compare the 2 exams, I wouldn’t think it a problem to take the IMC while studying for L2, if anything it will give you recent exam experience.