Start studying early

I sat sat for L2 in Boston in 2018.Before I get my results should I start studying for Level 2 in case I fail?

I dont think so , first of all be positive about the result you will pass. Secondly even if you fail don’t start studying before Jan 2019. Doesnt make any sense studying now for a paper in june 2019

After cfa exams I get fat so I just work out a lot more until I find out results. Perhaps set a goal to get six pack!

If you want to study for 11 months go for it. Your chances of passing may or may not improve than if you started in Dec-Jan. I would start in Dec-Jan and if I was a retaker I’d prob do Feb.

Don’t you have any Movie List to catch up on from past few months when you were busy studying?

I met someone who took two weeks off of work and studied 10-12hrs a day. she got band 8 then. last year she joined our study group in mid-Feb and she passed. I started studying in November and got band 10. Earlier doesn’t equal better. I think it is important to enjoy life and recover a bit after the exam. Once the results are out, then you can start again. If you’re that keen on study, try CAIA or FRM. I got pissed off after L2 results last year that i did FRM

Read behavioral finance from level 3. It is interesting reading, those pages will turn.