Start studying for leve II w/o having level 1 results?

Just wanted to get a feeler…is it smart to start studying for level II now, even though I don’t know if i passed level I (I took it 2 weeks ago)?

yeah might as well get a head start

Yes, start studying.

That depends. Are you burnt out at all? If so, it might be best to just hold off on studying until the first or second week of January. The Ethics SS is available online so you could always start with that. It’s entirely up to you, but it might be best to hold off for a few weeks and enjoy life while you still can. Good luck with whatever you decide.

I agree with Jensen…I did Level 1 last December and Level 2 in June and found the time off between the exams absolutely essential (gave me a chance to catch up on life). About a week or two before the results came out, I started reading ethics for Level 2. I burned out pretty bad in April (took almost a month off for various reasons). I had to escalate my studying in May to get back on track. I barely got through the material once before the exam. I was fortunate to pass without having nearly as much comprehensive review time as I would have liked. So, to make a long story short, take some time off to reenergize and start in a couple of weeks. It’ll pay off in the long run.

i plan to start studying for LII after new year, starting with some material they are the same for Level 1 and 2, like ethics and some other parts. I squeezed everything in two months in level 1 and i don’t want the same experience again for L2.

I am wondering about the same … I just gave the L1 and looking ahead for L2. Wonder if there are going to be any changes in the syllabus or the exam pattern ??? Will there be?

100% khushang…but not across the board. Some stuff stays the same…

I plan to start in January – I definitely needed a break to re-energize. I have some 2007 L2 Schweser notes from a co-worker that I am going to use until results come out. I know that much will have changed since then, but it will at least allow me to get familiar with some of the concepts.

I too am in this same dilemma. What has everyone done to review from L1? What is known to overlap into L2? I haven’t ordered any L2 materials, therefore all I have to study is the Standards of Practice Handbook and 2008 L1 material. What are others doing in my situation?

I just bought the basic books…Cost around $300 all in for L2 schweser books. I figure worst case scenario I can sell them on ebay and get 1/2 my money back. I have spent $150 on lot worst things than this and it is probably worth it to get a 1 month head start. If I pass, I will upgrade and get the practice exams and flashcards. They only charge you the difference to upgrade, so you are not losing anything there. Its definitley a crappy predicament to be in though. I am more conerned about wasting 10+ hrs a week reading L2 material when there is always a possibility that I might not have passed L1

if any of you guys can pick up schweser or CFAI books from last year on the cheap, I’d suggest picking those up instead of paying up right now. Quant is 100% the same. Ethics I think is as well. And I just am finishing up Corp Finance and that also is 100% the same. I think that FI and Derivatives are almost identical as well. There is a ton you could do right now with old books. Quant was word for word 100% the same '08 and '09. good luck on the test, but i’d say go ebay or craigslist or post up here if anyone has extras that they’d part with on the cheap- a month goes pretty fast and there’s enough topics identical that you don’t have to shell big $$'s out yet if you are unsure of a pass. if you think you have it on lock down, then sure, that schweser deal isn’t bad sounding. L1’ers that want a jump, I’d suggest quant and corporate finance to start, same as last year, use old books, and they’re good starting points. in a month when you’re all super motivated from passing, please send me some of your motivation. i could use it. i plan to step it up starting this weekend though.

Hey, bannisja…how different is the FSA and Equity from 08? Please let me know… Thanks

fsa material LOS wise is the same, but readings for 2009 are new. Some stuff in multinationals like the flow effect and holding effect are gone. equity–> some new readings in the mix, but largely the same I believe. Bannisja can correct me if I am wrong.

^ equity i’m not through yet so not sure… will tell you as the month progresses! i think there are a few new readings, especially in alts, but mostly the same? FSA is like you said, a few little new things, a few things gone. search my name and each SS5, 6, or 7- i tried as i read them to post up the differences here this year vs last. they’re not big in FSA and corp fi is exactly the same.