start studying - reading order

Hi all,

I have just registered for CFA level III exam and about to reading curriculum. Which book in order should i start ?

Thank all

Mark Meldrum recommends this order:

Book 4

Book 5

Book 2

Book 3

Book 6

Book 1

I’m going through the books in that order and so far (just started book 2), it has worked out pretty well.

I’d recommend starting with any book. The more time spent thinking about which book to start with, the less time you spend actually reading the books.

For Level III, since a lot of the curriculum is related and similar topics appear in different books, I would suggest starting by the order given. (Ethics can be left for last)

The reason I say this is because I skipped book 1 (Ethics & Behavioral Finance) and there are many references to BF later on in the curriculum. If I had studied them at the beginning I think it would have made things slightly easier.

So you are telling us that 1.5 month after the official release of the exam results you got already two books down and starting on the third?!

You can start with any book. I don’t think there is significant dependency among readings, but I had kept theoretical (Ethics & GIPS) readings at the end as then need more memorization

As Bazz already stated, read them in order (starting with Behavioral Finance), but save Ethics and GIPS for the end.




Yeah, that’s it. I don’t like being a rush when I study so I rather start too early than too late :slightly_smiling_face:

I get you on that. But I intend on starting in November. Tbh if you can’t get through 37 readings in five months then you ought to go back to level zero.

Yes, no, maybe so. It depends on your personal situation. Studying 5 months while working 80h/week is different than studying 5 months while being unemployed or working “normal” hours. It’s impossible to throw out a blanket-rule covering all candidates.

this ^. There would be like 50% less threads on AF If people actually realized this…

It’s all relative. I started studying 1st week of March (around 2-3 hours a day) and took 2 weeks off of work before the exam to review and do mocks.

And then there is always this guy… lol

Hence the “it’s all relative” comment. I’m not one of those people that will tell you I passed by only studying 2 weeks prior to the exam. Even though I started in March, I still put in more than 300 hours of studying as I had close to 4 months to prepare.

Just make sure you have a good schedule that you can actually stick to and you will be fine.