Start with Ethics or Quant?

So, I just signed up for L1 in Dec. I’m already worried that I’m starting too late. I’ve been working in the industry for a long time as a technical BA in front office technolog, but I have very little math background, so I need to get going asap.

I bought the Schweser notes package, and was just looking at the study calendar and the introduction video. Schweser says to start with Ethics and just do everything in order of the books, but Mark Meldrum says to start with quant, and leave the ethics until last because so much of it is about purely remembering stuff that it’s better to do it closer to the exam. Anyone have an opinion on this?

I started off with Ethics first because I think it is the most important section. It is also a section that I find relatively easy to read. In my own opinion, since you already purchased Schweser package, you should follow it. Otherwise, what is the point if you buy but not follow it right? Keep this simple and follow their recipe. If their way doesn’t work, there is at least something to blame on, lol.

I think you have more than enough time, I wouldn’t stress thinking about whether you started too late or not. Just get through the material, do all the end-of-chapter problems, and leave about a month before the exam to tackle practice exams. I did Dec L1 last year, started studying towards the end of July, and passed >70% in all topics after studying a total of ~320 hours. Absolutely doable! Best of luck.

I didn’t study Ethics until the very end. I highly recommend you study this way. While reading through content on everything else and continually testing yourself on it (especially the more quantitative-oriented problems) will build your knowledge of it whatever you study with regards towards the beginning could easily be gone come exam time. It’s not a hard section and I feel like even though I shoved it in right at the end it was probably one of my better sections on the actual exam.

I would recommend you to start with Quant. It’s a foundation for other chapters like FI, of PM. Ethics is really not so big.

Ethics, and read it again at the end and again within a few days before the exam

I know everyone’s commitments are different but GENERALLY speaking, 6 months is more than sufficient for L1.

I think the best is to just START READING, and not let the whole strategy thing as an excuse to delay your study. You will need to study every section and you will for sure see questions for both sections in the exam so the order is no different, on top of everything, you will need to revisit these topics later when you review.



As you have almost 5 months remaining…I suggest start with quants but dont hung up just go through all the schewester book and do practice from curriculum (practice problems) which is end of chapter questions

But dont leave the ethics for last month last month is only for revision.I know ethics is sometime boring but you should give at least half an hour daily to ethics

I would start with Ethics and end with Ethics.

Oh, and by the way–don’t be surprised if you wind up going through the material at least twice. There’s so much volume that it’s hard to absorb with only one pass.