start with Ethics ??

I don’t think after solving sample… I would start with Ethics in Real Exam… I’m thinking of starting with Quant then ethics then solve in Order. Quant is my strong area and I hope I will be able to tackle tricky ethics after quant. What are you guys planning regarding order ?

starting with question 1, ending with question 240

yeah, i’d be hesitant to jump around, just for fear of messing up the scantron. The stalla people do suggest skipping questions that you think will take over a minute to solve and coming back to them at the end to be sure you get to every question you know how to answer. I guess thats a valid strategy if you struggle with time management, but i don’t plan to use it.

I think I am going to do FSA last. Hopefully I will have >80% going into FSA and >70% going out of FSA

I think it’s best to do the questions in the order that you’ve been practicing them. For me, ethics is actually one of the easier parts, and I think it’s a good warmup for the quantitative stuff to come.