started reading today

So I figured I’d start building my reading routine today. Skipping Ethics and jumping into Behavioural Finance. I cracked book 2, flipped through the table of contents and reading 12 caught my eye. The title is “The folly of forecasting: Ignore all Economists, Strategists and Analysts” LOS: The candidate should be able to: a. explain how the illusions of knowledge and control lead expert forecasters to be overconfident in their forecasting skills b. explain the ego defense mechanisms that forecasters rely on as justification for inaccurate forecasts c. explain why forecasts may continue to be used when previous forecasts have been inaccurate The writer James Montier gives a shout-out to Nassim Taleb for “renewing his vigor for this subject”. So… it looks interesting but I’d already forgotten how much CFA reading there is