Started strong in Jan..... already burned out !!!!!!

The whole last week Mon-tonite I didnt touch my book, I didnt go to the gym, i simply ate and watched TV feeling guilty the whole time. I started strong in the Beg of Jan but with the market and stress at work its too much to balance. L2 I was so focused and disciplined, i dont know what happenned. My weekends I do have some success, but during the week it’s just not there, and I know weekends only are not going to cut it. It kind of reminds me in my late teens when I was able to party until 3 -4am on a weeknight and go into work the next morning. If I was to do that now !!! Get out the defibilator !!

LOL. This is a marthon…get hit the gym tomorrow, get a good workout and a good night sleep. Hit the books!!!

that describes me so perfectly that I could have written it. You aren’t alone. Hopefully it will pass…

My motivation is no more CFA studying this time next year. You are close. . . finish strong.

^^wow, that sure sounds good. I am not able to fathom how life looks like without any more CFA studying…but it’s close…

Trust me, it’s fantastic. Git 'er done!

> The whole last week Mon-tonite I didnt touch my book, I didnt go to the gym, i simply ate and watched TV feeling guilty the whole time. > Your not alone …we all feel the same way …I think what has been working for me lately is to do a little at a time …even it is just 10 pages a day .

Dude, don’t worry. There still enough time to burn out and re-energize several times. It’s all part of the painful process. Remember that the quality of your studying is more important than the quantity.

I feel your pain…my productivity/motivation is non-existant when I get home from work. It’s like last night for instance by the time I got home from work (6-6:30), changed out of my work clothes, took the dog out and found some food it was already 8:00 which is when Grey’s is on…then Grey’s decides to pull the plot in with Private Practice at 9:00 and my bedtime is at 10…and I’ve done nothing!! If I am going to continue being this useless on the weekdays my weekends need to be 100% devoted to studying (and they are not and they never will be). Quite a predicament.

In the same boat. It’s kinda like CFA senioritis. Anyhow, I’m moving along… horribly. Our Schweser course does the curriculum in a weird order but I’m on SS 14 now (haven’t done 3 through 8, and others) and it is so BORING. Risk management!? Like that works anyhow. Wanted to read all CFAI this year, that’s not working out either. Ugh…

I was thinking how cool it would be if, using Johnny Neumonic (thank you Keanu Reeves) as a precedence and guide, we came up with a way to imbed the entire curriculum LI - LIII in a chip in our heads making us impenetrable to burn out and financial geniuses that could fix the current economic situation in one hour (and…haha…do our taxes correctly). Starting now, I will be devoting my energy entirely to this project. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. All kidding aside, we all struggle with burnout. I have been on it since 10:15ish this morning and I want to jump out my large window next to my desk.