Started Studying CFA Level I with Schweser

Just wanted to share my thoughts on studying so far. I’ve been studying about three days now. On average 2 hours a day. I’m about to finish Module 6 from the Schweser Notes. Looking forward to in person classes to start in NYC in January, I’m taking Thursday evenings. Schweser’s new system and layout really is awesome. I’m loving the Activity Feed, takes the guess work of where to go next out of the equation. Just follow the time line and hopefully I will be passing!

Hi Truth01, I need a bit of detail opinion on Schweser, seems like it was compared to Wiley and Bloomberg by other sites and it came behind on the possible Study materials available out there. Are you sitting for the June 2019 exam ? Does the curriculum change between the June and the Dec Level 1 CFA exam. So if someone doesn’t pass Level 1 they can use the same material and give exam in Dec. without having to worry about additions or deletions.

It changes by the calender year. June to December, all of it is the same.

ok, thanks, Is any one looking for a study partner dec 2019 exam in and around NYC.

Why don’t you post this under the hook up section?

I’m taking the level one, & put up at New B0mbay.