Started Studying or Not

Hi Everyone I am very nervous I want to give June 08 exam, I have not started studying as yet. Please advice am I the only one. How many hours in a day are you guys studying for June 08 Exam.


Have not started studying yet, but plan to just after the new year. I have my bachelor’s degree in Accounting and am half way through my MBA in Finance so I probably won’t put too terribly much time in per week studying for Level I.

Dont be too nervous, most people that I know personally that passed the first level started studying 8-12 weeks beforehand.

Haven’t started yet, but don’t go according to any kind of whack timetable I’ll probably end up using. Start now.

Last year, 2007, I started studying for the Level I exam on January 26 (I had another test on January 25 so I couldn’t start earlier than that). I passed in June 07. I made extensive use of Schweser’s study material, including their videos and software. I think I must have put down around 300 hours into this, all in all (including those numerous mock exams I took towards the end). The easy part is to start studying now, in late December or early January, putting down some 15-20 hours a week. The hard part is to continue to do so week after week during the entire spring up and until the end. Ultimately, putting down those hours becomes a daily habit too. My preferred study time was 5-7 am + 8-9 pm + some hours during the weekends (for watching the Schweser lectures). I did not use any particular study schedule apart from knowing that I’d have to get through the 18 study sessions in about 16 weeks, in order to keep up with the Schweser program, and always to prepare “for the next lecture” I was to take part in the upcoming week. That way I didn’t have to worry about the big picture, but always focused on the next study session and the week’s to-do list. JakeMC, a bachelor’s degree in accounting and a masters degree in finance is helpful, but as for me (I have them too) I found I still had to put down those 300+ hours. Don’t underestimate the task, or you might end up aborting the entire project in April as I did in 2006.

7-8 hrs per day recommended

^Do you have a job?

Dude, I have barely started reading. I am not worried one bit. At 150 days out, one would need a net 15/16 hours a week in order to be ready. I’m using Schweser likewise. Trust me, I know people who began studying Easter and passed. No one is too far gone at this point.

I am working as well. I have only bachelors in accountancy

Have a few beers tomorrow night, relax Tuesday, start studying wednesday. You have plenty of time.


^Haha. I live in NY, I’ll be partying it up at club plumm baby.

I started on and off mid-dec, currently on Reading 6 in vol1, unsure about which package of Schweser (Essential or Premium) to go with, any suggestions? Ritu which line of business do you work in? I have a BS in business management with Finance minor, working full-time. My plan starting Jan 1st is 2-3 hrs every weekday, 6-8 hrs saturday, 3-4 hrs sunday. You have plenty of time, if you stay focused and committed to a study plan.

I am curently working in ADMIN sector of a bank in UAE. I have tried my level best to obtain oppurtunities in financial sector, however last year was not that fortunate. I hope coming year will bring lots of oppurtunities.

I am almost done with ethics, which means I am going to be busy the next few months.

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I have not started studying and am not worried. I will start sometime next week maybe.

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