Started today- Opinions on study plan

How’s everyone doing? So I finally pulled the trigger and signed up for June 11 lvl 1. Working about 10 hours/day, graduated last May from undergrad. I just ordered Elan’s complete package based on opinions from this site. This is my current study plan: Mon-Thurs: 2-3 hours/day, 1 lecture/reading per day Sat-Sun: 4 hours/day, Review & practice questions It’s about 15-20 hours a week. I also figured I really wouldnt put too much time into alt investment, deriv, portf mngmt unless I have time at the end and I’m really comfortable with everything else. At this pace, I’ll be finished with all the material by the end of April and have May to review and do practice exams. Does anyone have any advice or pointers to help me get started? Literally just finished the Time Value of Money reading/lecture (I know i’ve got a longggggggg way to go!)? Thanks in advance.

If I strictly follow study from Elan and use the CFA materials for ethics will that be adequate? I figured I will reference their material for subjects that I dont grasp as well.

Looks good – I would suggest doing the EOC questions after going through each reading to make sure you are grasping the material. I’ve been doing that and it’s really helping. Also maybe consider, once you have a few topics under your belt, allocating some time for revision rather than working straight through all the chapters. I’m doing that – just a couple hours per week of re-reading Élan material - so I don’t get to May and suddenly have to grapple with a topic I haven’t thought about for months. Good luck!

Thanks Kiakaha. Just want to comfirm that following the Elan notes/lectures will cover 95%+ of the material on the exam? Or should I be reading the CFAI texts in depth as well?

Elan covers at least 95% of the concepts, but NOT 95% of the detail (if that makes any sense). the consensus around here seems to be that you can definitely pass level 1 using just study notes (elan, schweser, whoever) but that you may be at a disadvantage if you do so once you get on to level 2 as it’s so much more indepth. My approach is to learn from the Elan notes first, get a really good grasp on the content there, then read the same chapter in the CFA books to see how they presented it and try to pick up on any little points that Elan missed out. However – if i was short on time I would be sticking just to elan as it seems to be a pretty comprehensive summary. hope that helps.

Kiakaha Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > if i was short on time I would be sticking just to elan as > it seems to be a pretty comprehensive summary. … and you’d still be at a disadvantage for Level 2.

I used Elan for Level I last June and I thought they were very comprehensive. At Level I Stalla, Schweser and Elan all cover the material quite well… Its important to go through the summaries and questions in the CFA books to be confident that you’ve covered everything. Worry about Level II when you get there.