Started with Behavioural Finance

Hey guys, This is NDS from India, I just did one reading on behavioural finance from schweser. Plan to be through with SS3 over this weekend. Using Schweser since CFAI has not allowed me to register for L3 June 2008. Anyone with me in Behavioural Finance!!! Regards, NDS

FYI, Jeff sounds conflicted about how to handle India; from his October 07 newsletter: Envisioning the Future As referenced in my last letter, we are beginning the process of developing our second five-year strategic plan of this millennium — Vision 2012. We invite you to share your thoughts on the long-term strategic issues facing your professional association. … • Our growth has moved us out from under the radar in many emerging markets. A good example is India, where we are temporarily shut down. Do we become proactive in these markets or continue our prior reactive approach?

Done with Study Session 3, was a good one all the behavioural finance stuff … talk about over confidence and indian markets. Read a few pages on IPS and Situational profiling from SS 4 : Private Wealth Management. Lets see how it goes, this week… have lots to do at work too…overall a satisfying weekend of studies… Take care will keep on putting on updates of my progress to the build up to June 2008

BTW just came across this update on CFAI site… lets keep our fingers crossed my fellow indian L3 June 2008 prospective candidates… News About the CFA Program 19 October Updates Announcement Regarding the December 2007 CFA Exam As previously announced, on 26 September the Delhi High Court concluded hearing arguments in our writ petition against the AICTE order prohibiting the operation of the CFA Program in India, and the judge has reserved the case for a decision. If the Delhi High Court permits us to resume operation of the CFA Program, we will open registration for the December 2007 and the June 2008 CFA exams in India. However, to allow us sufficient time for the planning and administration of the December 2007 exam, we will not be able to accept registrations for that exam after 31 October if the Delhi High Court has not issued a decision by that date. Please continue to check this site for updates. To CFA Candidates: As you know, by order of the AICTE we are currently prohibited from offering the CFA Program in India, and we cannot guarantee that the December 2007 CFA exam will be held in India. We continue to offer a full refund of applicable CFA Program fees, as we previously informed you on 22 August. On 26 September, the Delhi High Court concluded hearing arguments in our writ petition against the AICTE order, but has not issued a decision yet. If a decision is not issued by 31 October, then on 1 November we will contact you and provide your options for the CFA Program. Please continue to check this site for updates.