started with the topping! now we here! Pizza discussion!

americans are the best. this is known

french fries

crab rangoon

egg rolls

spaghetti and meatballs

and of course nuclear weapons.

Freedom fries, bitch

In Sweden, this is call an American pizza… It has ranch, pork, and fries on it.

^ Sweet Christmas, no can do. I draw the line on this one. :broken_heart: :-1:

I’ve seen enough Greek letters during my math education to decipher this!!! :smiling_imp:

its missing another layer of cheese and then bacon

It needs more oil. You know, for freedom.

yep plus this looks tiny. how european

The Big Lou 42 at Big Lou’s Pizza is the only pizza I’ll eat.

Image result for big lou's pizza

I love pizza and could eat it every day. I’m pretty open to all kinds although pineapple on pizza is plain wrong and the chicago abomination shouldn’t even be allowed to be called pizza.

Italian pizza is amazing but only in the south. Don’t be going to Rome or above and expecting good pizza, it’s like going to Texas and ordering poutine. I don’t even mind the Italian vibe of eating it with a fork and knife but I don’t get why they’re so strongly against chicken on it.

Dominoes and the like are all garbage although in fairness the last time I had one of those was in the UK about 15 years ago so they might have got better.

Sal’s is awful. Got a pizza there once when I was hammered and didn’t finish it, that is not a good sign.

I was in Chicago last month for a meeting and we ordered in Lou’s!!! :+1: