started with the topping! now we here! Pizza discussion!

My favorite toppings:

  1. Canadian Bacon

  2. Bacon

  3. Sausage

  4. Pineapple

  5. Mushrooms

  6. Red Onions

Whats your favorite combos!

  1. Hawaiian, canadian bacon, pinapple

  2. meat lovers, canadian bacon, bacon, sausage

Favorite is mushroom and sausage. I’ll eat just about any pizza though, so long as it doesn’t have green peppers or olives. Those are dealbreakers.

favorite is pepperoni & jalapenos

Champagne-soaked caviar and lobster that is marinated in 100-year-old cognac or hacksaw.

I’ll go for just about any topping except sun dried tomatoes: too chewy!


  1. Pepperoni, mushrooms, tomatoes (regular), plus whatever other veggies tickle my fancy

  2. Prosciutto, blue cheese, arugula, pear (from a local place that has a wood fired pizza oven!!! :+1:)

The one odd pizza experience I had was at Pizzeria Uno in Chicago. This was my first time having Chicago deep dish pizza: the crust was on the flaky side (like a pastry shell), rather than doughy. I’ve had Lou Malnati’s since, and I much prefer it.

Lou’s is the way to go. I pains me to see people only try Uno’s or even Giordano’s and have that be their impression of Chicago pizza. There’s so much better out there.

Never thought I’d hear someone speak about Pizzeria Uno and Lou Malnati’s in the same breath. That’s like trying to compare Sbarro with Grimaldis.

Wow look at this fancy guy here.

Also, bbq chicken bacon. Also, theres this place in Boston called Sals Pizza. They’ve got this one called “sweet chili steak,” it doesn’t have any red sauce, just cheese, thin sliced steak and a sweet and slightly spicy teriyaki type sauce. It’s great.

you can get lou malnatis shipped to you frozen & they are pretty damn good. obviously not as good as in chiraq but better than any deep dish i can get in nyc

Seriously though, it is hard to beat just a simple Neapolitan style pizza with sauce, basil and fresh mozzarella or maybe burrata. NY pizza is better than the rest of America’s, but those Italians just sit and eat good foods all the time.

I disrespectfully disagree.

personally ive heard deeep dish chicago is the best. but quite honestly i prefer the thin new york style pizza.

^i love both. as long as i can have both i dont’ care which is the best. hard to get chicago up here though.

  1. pepperoni, salami, montreal smoked ham

  2. Spinach + Cheese (i’m no vege but this sht is dope)

I’m a meat lovers kind of guy when it comes to pizza. Pepperoni is my topping of choice. Spinach is nice too, though.

Ouuu Lou Malnatis is great! I don’t even like deep-dish but will eat pizza from there any day!

I love Chicago style pizza, but I can’t find it in West Texas.

Fave pizza ever was in Brooklyn. I think the place was called L&B Spumoni Gardens. I loved it so much I went twice on my three-day trip to NYC.

If I ever go back to NYC, all you guys are coming with me to that place. If I can find it.

you know what’s up. dont let the greeks fool you with their fake pizzas or knowledge of history, the italians are the first to invent everything and are the best when it comes to food.

Τι λες ρε μαλακα?!?!!? Italians are Greek b@stards, specifically southern italians

I like my pizza like my women. Not too thin, not to thicc, with a perfect combination of sweet and spicy. Hawaiian with jalapenos added. Mouth is watering just thinking about it. Throw in a Pale ale and call it a day.

Going to be weird when Greenman goes on family vacation to NY and 20 internet guys show up asking about his sink.