Who has started studying already? Progress?

Started and already burned out for a couple weeks, halfway through the curriculum. Probably start up in a week to finish before review courses, etc.

Read about 3 books (Schweser), retained: 0%

already halfway through the curriculum? whoa, that’s pretty good.

I’m on my first read through of the Schweser material. Done 3 1/2 if the books. Plan to finish the first read through by the end of this year, then start to get serious in January. As someone else mentioned, I’m almost through the first read through and have retained absolutely nothing.

Finishing up Book 5 of the CFAI material, read each book twice.

Babbu, I’m impressed. I think I remember you from last year. Not sure if you are a returning level 3 taker, as I am, or from the level 2 forum, but I remember some of your more entertaining posts. I look forward to your commentary as I get more and more involved in CFA studies this year.

I counted 353 LOS and 379 chapter end problems. Total of 732 items to be knocked off to flag phase 1 reading complete I have completed 268 items or 37%, including making flashcards, retaining good amount of material. At 7-8 items per day, i hope to get the phase 1 complete by end Jan. This is in addition to first round of glancing through the material, retaining 0%

on book 6 of the CFAI books…retention is minimal but i’m not working on retention at this point - just familiarity. doing questions. will read the rest of book 6 by xmas. January i’ll focus on quesitons from teh CFAI then i’ll get the Schweser in the mail and work through those in detail by the start of may. then its question after question after question. And review what i haven’t retained by that point. can’t wait for june 9th.

I finished all of the CFAI books but rentention probably was not the best. Started reading Schweser now and will read the Schweser study session and the CFAI study session again and do all the questions. Seems pretty managable now but I know there is alot and I do not like the essay questions. Strikershanke June 9th, agreed!

> can’t wait for june 9th. i thought it was june 7th? ah well, plenty of time to figure that one out…

ok - i stand corrected - can’t wait for june 8th.

wow, you guys are soooo ahead of me. I havent even cracked books open. I guess i should start… TODAY :slight_smile:

Guess I will crack the books this weekend : (

MGG no sweat bro, i think we still have plenty of time. Just there will be no goofing around after new years. 2 hours per day + 4 on weekdays should do the trick

I’m impressed. Put me in the after new years and feeling like a slacker category.

Hey querty, I was Level 2 last year. Comp, MGG good to see all you guys kicking around. Looking forward to some interesting conversations leading up to the exam this year as well. Still lots of time guys. I might be well ahead of you in the readings but I doubt I’ve retained any more than you guys to this point. I love that feeling right now where I’ve read for an hour then I take a minute to think about what I read…and there’s nothing there. hahaha.

I just gotta suck it up and dive in it would be nice to finish a book before the new year. Half of me wants to jump into Schweser, the other half knows if I start with Schweser there is no way I am going to touch the CFA texts. If I can put in four hours this weekend I will chalk it up as a success.

I gave up on the CFAI material and dove right into the Schweser when I got it. I think it’s fair to say if you master the Schweser material (including Qbank and Practice Exams), do all the practice questions out of the CFAI books and study them well, and do all the old CFAI written exams we should be in fine shape heading into the exam. There’s alot of stuff in those CFAI books. I’d love to be able to read through it all at least once but I just can’t find that time. By the time I were to get through them all it would be March and I’d be into full panic mode.

Yea I hear ya, Ill probably do the same I am actually kinda looking forward to studying to get my mind off work.