Starting a new job

Does anybody know or experience if I request from my new employer that I would like to make arrangements in order for me to be with my wife in her medical appointments who is pregnant? Will it look bad on me? I do not want to jeopardize my employment with my new firm. Thanks.

Do you have vacation days or personal days you can use? I’d have a private convo with your manager - If he has kids, he’ll probably understand. Good luck - btw, when are you due? My wife is due 1/31. We haven’t told family yet.

My employer considers it FMLA so you can get 240 hours per year for bonding time after birth and time before to go to OBGYN meetings.

Thanks a lot for the info. I guess that it is best to discuss with my manager. Perhaps it is to my advantage that she is a female and her son is the same age as my son. My wife is due in the first week of December.