Starting CFA now ?

Hi evey body I am to gamble you can say , but i want to pass in June I will start by next week , because I just registered , waiting for the texts I have some questions ? 1- what do u advice me to do in the coming 2 months before exam 2- shall I purchase schweser of stalla ? thanx

it really depends on your background. Without that information, many advice may be irrelevant By the way, we still have 3 full months to prepare, I won’t say you gamble. I gambled last December. I took 2 days off before the exam to do some sample exams. Then I failed (of course). Some reallly smart people may be able to pass without much studying. But not me.

Thank you I am an Accounting bachelor holder regarding my background you can say it is reasonable and I can move on with holding the material , but Iam raising a serious question that would relying on just CFAI texts will be enough , if not , would you recommend schweser or stalla … take also into consideration that some Finance topics are totally new to me

the biggest chunk in CFA I is accounting, if you already have an accounting bachelor, you’re half way done. Most people here are using Schweser notes, only some use Stalla, some use only text books. My impression might not be accurate: 60-65% people here use Schweser, 20-25% use Stalla, the rest use only CFA I text books. Some people, probably fewer than 10%, use both the text book and one of the two notes.

I am an Accounting undergrad as well. While it helped a lot, the CFA approach to accounting is slightly different. Rather than dealing with how F/S statements come along, the focus is on impacts of F/S. My suggestions is to get the Schweser Secret Sauce, buy the Schweser VCD’s and do the Qbanks, since you are limited in time. Good luck, and let us know how it goes. P.S. don’t bother reading the CFAI material as it’s far too dense and you will not have enough to read it all (it has far too much detail).

I got a management accounting background and I agree with alexandrov CFA wants you to understand the impact of one thing over other things rather than building up Fin statements. you shouldn’t wait to receive the textbooks to start parts like Quant or even Econ (I assume that you should have access to ur old uni textbooks). U don’t need to have a finance degree to have approached these topics. PS: the previous advice on not reading the texbooks might not be the best ever… your choice/your exam