Starting in on Levelup Videos - any CFA L3 takers with advice on how to approach?

i just started with my CFA L3 LevelUp videos. Wondering if anyone has advice on how to go about this process. I read somewhere we should be studying 2-3 hours a day, several days a week. Suggestions?

Watch the videos & follow along with the slide book, take notes then read the curriculum, add to notes or flash cards then do the BB & EOC questions. Repeat.

Thank you. I am assumimg making your own flashcards is best? It’s what ML recommends I am just checking in.

Yup. Thats the way to go…once you’ve gotten past Volume 2 (Beh Fin & Institutional Investor) the readings will go much faster IMO. Fixed Income is hard though. So take your time with that one as well.

I’ve been reading the curriculum first, then watching the videos with the slidebook. I use an app on my phone for the flashcards and it makes it easy to flip through them while I’m on the subway, out and about, etc.

Agree with Alex. I watch the videos and concurrently take notes, read the book, make hand note flashcards, and do the practice problems. I also star the flashcards I make that are BB questions since Marc stresses the BB importance. With every new chapter, I go back and review the old chapters to make sure I don’t forget anything via a quick skim of my notes, flashcards and the CFAI Q bank.

Its not that fastest process but effective in scoring higher on the mocks and crushing it on exam day.