Starting L2 prepartion for the first time!


I am starting my prepartion for the 2014 CFA L2 exam now…I have just covered fixed income till now…with one reading still left. Can you tell me if I have enough time till the exam? I am preparing for the first time and i am working as well. Also, is following Schweser safe??


There better be enough time…else most of us are flunking!

Kidding…just keep the momentum going and don’t stop. Only Schwerser will probably land you in trouble…at least in FRA and Ethics.

yes you have lots of time. relax.

+1 ^

To play safe grab CFAI books atleasst for heavy weights.

Ok guys…thanks for the motivation! Let’s do it!

Alright…I ll keep that in mind!

I too have been relying on Schweser …seems will need to change my plans a bit !

@ Geetika … i joined Edupristine fr my prep … r u from Delhi ?

Good luck! Level 2 is LOADS of fun!

Chawla, you have way more then enough time. Like everyone says, make your plan and STICK TO IT.

Which books would you use CFAI books for and which books would you use ELAN/Schweser for? Any hints would be nice! I am reading the CFAI books right now only.

I used Schweser for everything. I never opened CFAI books, except to do EOC questions.

Juzt relax and move on, have not much time but always enough ^^

I will use CFAI text for FRA, Equity for some readings, Ethics, Corp. and for other reading where I dont understand from Schweser. CFAI rexts are most useful for thr EOC and BB/GBs. My plan is to do all BB and EOCs along each reading and again for revision.