Starting new role, want to avoid past experience

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to get some advice. I am starting a new role at a new team, in a relatively entry-level (2 -3 year WE level). I wanted to make sure I do the right things/ start off on the right foot.

The reason I am saying is that on my last team at BB ER(when i started off out of undergrad), I had someone on my team who was very competitive and deliberately mislead me (was very protective off his coverage, would always put himself in front of clients and sales/trading teams internally, wouldn’t tell me the bells and whistles of how my manager wanted things done and in fact threw me under the bus/trash talked me a lot).

Now, I am starting out at a new place and want to avoid that same drama. I have learnt some from my own experience but want to see if there are any recommendations on how to not only impress my new team but also become a strong contributor?

Be assertive when appropriate, work hard, manage up, be yourself.

Try to be friendly with your team members, and can you pm the guy’s name so i can put him on my shitlist for future references.

Try to be nice to everyone, even when they are a dick to you. It helps in the long run if everyone thinks you are their buddy, even if you don’t like them.



but … ohai … um… I thought … you … really were … my buddy…

Yep, being positive goes a long way. No upside to openly disliking someone, even if they deserve it.

^only talk smack behind their back never to their face

^ nah I don’t ever talk smack about anyone, whether it’s in person, on the phone, text, IB… I don’t trust anyone.

i bet you’re fun at hh

Very fun!

there is no real reason to seriously trash talk someone - that doesnt mean you cant have some good natured ribbing and enjoy conversation at a hh. My office everyone is sh*tting on each other constantly but not in any serious way.

if you dont think ppl are talking behind your back you are naive

Good for them.

Conor McGregor trash talked his way to hundreds of millions of dollars.