Starting Now For Level 1

Question: I am considering signing up for the June level one exam. I know that CFA exams are mothers and am not taking it lightly. My question is, is it doable to sign up now and have a reasonable chance of passing? Background: Finance degree Not working Have past Schweser notes to start studying with until books arrive. Input appreciated.

yes, People have passed while still in school and worrying about exams. As well as there are people without business background degrees that have passed with full time jobs and started around this time as well. So with all your time and experience you should be fine, but only if you’re commited to it. Good luck! and you can do it! (last year i was in the same position though, i failed… but it was because i had too much time, and thought that i could study later. Then i got a job, and life got in the way. So don’t get too slack because you have time now)

Go for it, definitely. The key here for me is “not working”. Also, it helps to know something about finance beforehand. If you are willing to put in the amount of time necessary to pass (250 hrs recommended), you may be able to pull it off.

possible. i started studying in march for a june level 1 exam (2003) and passed with a good margin. i needed to focus completely on studying and forget social life, recreation etc bcoz of the late start though. best wishes.

if you have a finance degree and aren’t working, you’ll pass it easily. just make it your full time job for the next 3 mos and you’ll have no problem. and you can still have a social life if you work hard during the day. i’d still suggest looking for a job and not put it off for 3 mos. i job is more valuable than passing a test, in my opinion.

Plenty of time for level 1.

Thanks for the input, now I am going to go to the gym, pump some iron, digest your comments and decide if I will jump on the grenade.