Starting studying for the level I - What study material should i buy?

Well I’m finally going to do it. My question is what am I going to need to use to study. Right now I’m thinking the whole Wiley package and nothing else. Or do I also need the CFA institute study guide? Or does anyone study from the CBOK? What study material do you guys use. Side note, my employer is paying for all of the material.


You’d get better responses if you posted this in the Level 1 Forum, I feel…

Are you studying for December or June?

It’s a while since I registered, but I believe you get the CFAI materials with your registration so you don’t have to “buy” it per se, its included.

I would also say most people use Schweser for review notes, but each to their own. I like schweser, its very helpful, but I do bear in mind that they themselves say they don’t cover everyhing as it would be too much, so I do flip back and forth with CFAI books just to check I didn’t miss anything. Plus the end of chapter questions in the CFAI are very good for practice.

Whatever you chose, nothing beats just knuckling down and working hard at the end of the day, no matter which materials you use Good Luck!

You may want to search at amazon for handwritten notes on the corresponding book of the curriculum. There you will find the juice of each reading and this will empower you to quicly start solving the end of reading questions.

Solving all the end of reading questions and examples of the books could be enough.

Thanks good people.