starting to do worse on questions

anyone else starting to have this problem…i think it is from burnout…lots of stupid mistakes

Yes. It’s from fatigue. It means you should step away and watch something ridiculous on tv, like the bachelor marathon on Vh1

Celebrity Rehab – BEST SHOW EVER.

EURO 2008 starting saturday…When I get home I am watching the games while drowning my sorrows in magic liquid called VODKA

I’m having the same problem, and it gets worse having to do the samples/mocks looking at the screen. It seriously has an effect. I’m thinking of taking a break for a day from all these papers…

dont forget the cinemas: Sex adn the City no comment

Mr. BIG is dreamy…

My best exams were my first three 82-78…and i finished each with like 30 min left. Now i am always trying to catch up and am getting mid to low 70s. I think i have cranal leakege

AFJunkie: HA! Unfortunately, I feel exactly the same way.

I’m going to start sticking tampons in my nose and ears…