Starting to hate QBank...

So I am starting to think that QBANK is a load of SH** They make tests where you can get like 10 of the same questions/problem per section and inflates your score if you do it 120Q CFA weighted annnd it’s almost too detailed and play too many tricks. Smashing both mocks 82 and 84 then getting a 74 on a QBANK exam doesn’t add up. I think im sticking to CFA materials from here on out… hahah Vented and now I feel better!!!

I am the opposite - consistently getting 80-82% on QBank and got 66.7% and 62.5% on Schweser Book 6 Exam 1 AM/PM tests… Am pissed off right now!!! Anyone have any advice? Besides “keep at it”? :slight_smile:

look at the questions you are getting wrong, sections you are getting wrong and revise those now.