Starting to Review

I finished going through all of the Schweser books about a week ago and started to review. I initially started to study for L3 in December. After the first week of review I feel like I don’t remember a thing. Has anyone else felt like this?

What are some ways that other people are reviewing?

Today, I finished reading all the text books, and done all the EOCs once. It has been a month and half since I read the first book, so now my memory kind of faded.

I will read the full secret sauce today till the end of april just to bring back the memory. Come April, I will review with schweser and do all the concept checkers as well as EOCs for second round. Come May, I will do all the practice exams.

Been there too. On your second pass you’ll refresh yourself pretty quickly.

Yep, feel the same way. Just finished a pretty slow / in depth read of Schweser & despite that, could actually write down very little. I am just starting the memorization stage of my review.

My plan is as follows:

  1. Make flashcards of all formulas in the back of Schweser this weekend. Read secret sauce.

  2. Review my notes / do CFAI EOC (next six weeks)

  3. Make more flashcards along the way as formulas / calcs / lists pop up during six week review

  4. Start 1 full practice test per week next weekend.

  5. Go to 5-day Kaplan review course in Dallas mid-May

  6. Final review for last two weeks - flash cards, couple of practice tests, secret sauce. Work on problem areas highlighted @ Dallas course.