Starting to study need some guidance

I just finished taking the level 2 CFA and I am planning to sit for the FRM level 1 in december. The GARP website looks like it is just as unclear as the CFAI website. I am trying to figure out what I need to get to pass the exam. If I have read 2009 FRM® Level I Core Readings Course Pack and the Freely available readings does that cover everything? Thanks for you help,

The course pack, do you mean the two thick binders? The difficult part with those (as it were in 2008) was that they were too thick and it was difficult to figure out what to read and not, but if you have plenty of time that wouldn’t be a problem.

So you’re sitting for the FRM in December are you?? :wink: (test is Nov. 21st.)

lol - you are right. I am known for my great attention to detail. Is anything in those books fairgame? they dont bind the books they just send it to you in a looseleaf folder?