Starting to Study

I received Advanced Core Topics in Alternative Investments via UPS today; it is a slim volume of less than 430 pages of actual content and looks very interesting. I plan to crank through it at 10 or so pages a day (actually maybe one section per day; it’s divided into 37), summarizing as I go. I’ll deal with the volume of collected scholarly papers later; I assume that we won’t need to know all of the latter in as much depth since the papers were published independently and presumably included some fluff rather than being purpose-written for the CAIA program like the Advanced Core Topics book.

The conclusion from recent test takers is that you can potentially be tested on any detail within the curriculum, so that would include the fluff.

That depends on your interpretation of what people have actually said about the exam. Barring multiple persuasive reports that the exam actually tests on obscure details from the academic papers (as opposed to obscure details from the Core Topics text), I’ll take my chances with my approach. Heck, I’ll probably take my chances with my approach regardless.

Keep it up, its nice to hear some sort of strategy involved with this test. My big complaint with Schweser’s prep is that it just rehashes all the info in these books, perhaps a little more succinctly, but gives virtually no strategy.

Awaiting my books today from Amazon…after I saw my scores from Level I I got a lot of work to do!

Are the detailed scores by topics out already? (Level1)

I got my detailed results for Level I this morning.

What’s the cost of the original books? Captain - are you also planning to buy any 3rd party material? I know that original one doesn’t have practice questions, correct?

I got the Advanced Core Topics book on Amazon for about $85; the collection of academic articles is only available from the publisher and costs $195 I think. I’m planning to not buy any 3rd party stuff and just use the CAIA materials. I’m not sure what I’ll do about the essay questions - I think there are some examples of those provided on the CAIA website, however. There may also be 100 multiple choice questions there for Level II like there were for Level I.

Thanks. How do you think curriculum material is? Is it similar to CFAI original curriculum (which is boring) or better than the CFA presents its material? I also want to start early to give enough time to myself.

I just started but the Advanced Core Topics book looks pretty similar to the Level I materials from CAIA (which I personally thought were pretty interesting for the most part).

I used Schweser for level I so no idea how original curriculum looks like. Might have to make a trip to Borders or B and N to check out books before ordering online. Have you registered for the exam yet?

Not yet; I probably will before the early registration period ends though.

registered today. Will order the first book in a day or two. 4 months would be enough for this bad boy. Slowly and steady…

order the book and now waiting it to delivered. Fun will start from November

I just signed up for Level II. I’m not scared.

I did that 2 weeks ago. Starting reading books from tonight. What other material are you planning to use?

It’ll probably be just the CAIA materials for me.

Are you going to buy Book 2 from them? I am not sure how they have presented those cases? 3rd party material might have questions and answers related to those cases and might have made easier to read. Can anybody confirm?

It looks as if there are some practice questions included in the CAIA text, even though most of it seems to be academic journal articles: I’m planning to buy it (hopefully at less than full price somehow).