Starting Today (Daily Progress Reports here)

Hey guys,

I am going to start today. Will look to update you guys via daily progress reports over here and maybe add some comments on the topics I read etc. Just to manage my progress and encourage everyone to stay disciplined, motivated and focused and it would be nice if anyone else starting out or starting recently may also do something similar?


That’s a terrible idea and it assumes other people are encouraging you or even interested. Some people might use your updates to misguide you and secretly hope you fail. I mean there is no way it is in your best interest.

Don’t waste your time on this website if your studying for L3. It will drain your time. Just worry about yourself.

true! the idea of tracking your progress is good, if you use an excel spreadsheet or join a study group. i stayed off of here for the most part until after the exam was over in June this year, and think that helped a lot as i used to spend too much time on here and other sites instead of studying. you will be amazed at how much random time you can recover for studying and what a difference it can make by staying off of the interwebs even if just for a while.

Recently I had my FB deactivated for a week and noticed I have tooooo much free time now. AF works similar that way but I must confess as exams grows closer I get addicted to this site just to feel the support and realise I am not the only one suffering.

Anyways, good luck with starting I need to get started too. You can post a weekly progress as of now if you wish.