Starting with the prep now!


I am starting preparations now, just around 100 days before the exam. I am hell lot worried. I don’t have a job or kids, I can study fulltime.

I have IFT lectures and Schweser notes. My strategy is to complete the lectures by end of april. and keep may and june for revision. Is that doable?

Please suggest what to do? How to study?

Thank you

4-8 hours a day for 100 days? Completely doable.

I have found IFT extremely helpful in helping me focus on whats really important. Unlike other prep providers they follow the curriculum which helps.

Thank you Sam

How are all these people studying full-time? I thought this exam was supposed to be done WHILE working…

This is really work x2 … unless you love it…then it’s life

I’m in the same boat. Yet to start. But will start very soon. I am working, but have flexible schedule. My plan is to study only IFT and supplement with Curriculum examples and questions. As other user said, 200+ hrs of study, 100+ revision and 100+ practice should hopefully do it.

also i’m sure there’ll be fairly decent pool of candidates who’ll start the prep in May and pull in 300+ hours. So nothing to worry if can stick to study plan.

You need a month for mocks.