Statements/Phrases/Word Questions!

Hi all, I have not seen any post related to questions which we would certainly face in exams such as whether Mr. ABC’s statement was correct or not. I know we have been focussing on concepts/formulas and understanding of the material/LOS. But how guys are managing or any specific strategy you are employong to solve these types of questions? I alwasy end up getting confused and most of the time my answers are guess work. I can eat up all the formulas but I what about those small knitty-gritty things?

first off, take your time. 3 hours for 60 questions does not make it a race.

read each answer carefully. focus on the exact text of each answer, not just the ‘recognition answer’ that you are first drawn to.

then explain why each answer could be right.

then pick your best explaination.

finally validate the question an answer. looking out for negations, etc.

[when reviewing mocks, I still get a lot of ‘read question properly’, i know how you feel]