statistical calcuation on hp12c

Can someone help me out with how to calculate mean median and mode on hp12c. A link to a video will be very helpful

I’m pretty sure that the HP12C won’t calculate median and mode. Mean should be easy: add 'em up; divide by n.

Median and mode calculation during the exam won’t be more than a few numbers. I wouldn’t worry about how to calculate it on a calculator and just do it during the exam. You have 1 and 1/2 mins per questions. That’s more than plenty to do this stuff in your head.

As for hp 12c calculating median and mode, i don’t beleive you can do that on it. I’ve only recently started learning to use mine but i’m 90% sure you cannot do that. Only the mean and sample standard deviation if i recall correctly.

Why would you need the hp12c to calculate mode and median? The 12c has a sum button that lets you calculate the mean. Just look at the manual its pretty straight forward.

Ok thanks to you all. I’ll try to learn the mean and standard deviation on it