Status as of 03/08/2012?

Just wondering where everyone is at, I’m just finishing off book 4 of shwesers (equity investments/markets). I stopped reading CFAI after book 1 but am still doing the EOC and summary questions.

just finished reading 41 today. should be done with corp finance by this weekend. Reading 39 ( dividends) is really pissing me off, im just not able to grasp it.

I will finish SS13 tomorrow and start SS14

Just finished book 4 of Schwesser, been doing the EOC questions in Schwesser along with a small quiz from the Qbank questions at the end of each study session.

Almost done with PM

I’m just finishing Schweser FRAbook 3 tonight & tomorrow… will have to do a lot of additional practice questions to refine my understanding as i’m relatively weak on FRA and expect to be weak on book4 having had very little background covering those topics previously.

I’m getting exhausted from the grind :frowning: Its not looking as good as I would like at this point, so I need to somehow find a way to motivate myself so I can step up my commitment a few notches.

started with FAR and just finished it… everything else is yet to be covered, but i feel good that I finished the most heavily tested FAR first. 03/12/12

Finished FAR, Corporate Finance and Equity.

The last two took slightly less than two weeks. I am getting confident now, was a bit worried I was behind. Just wondering what you guys are doing to ensure maximum retention and understanding? I am doing QBank and EOC questions as I go along, but still find it too much.

We can do it!

Just started with the first reading of Portfolio. Looks like it won’t take much time because the readings look short.

Study well everyone, 81 days to go!

I already finished economics and almost done with FRA. I feel way too behind but I’m going to feel somehow confident once i am done with FRA since it’s the heaviest!!

But i am freaking out !! lol

moving on to SS#17, soon to be finished with my first pass through the material - then it’s onto review…schweser’s secret sauce couldn’t be better timed!

I just finished Reading 42. I feel good about my pace but freak out a little bit when I think about the first readings that I studied. They seem like they were forever ago and I’m afraid that I won’t remember any of that information when I go back for review. Anyone else have a similar feeling? Hopefully I have a couple weeks before the test to freshen up my knowledge on everything.

Yeah, me too! But i think it’s normal and once you start looking back and review, it’s going to be fine.

Same here, starting PM, freaking out thinking about past readings… Constantly catch myself not being able to recall some formulas etc…

am Done with Economic, almost done with Corp Finance…following shweser books ,and doing both summary questions for CFAI and shweser!

Sarting to freak out…not sure how am I going to cover the remaining books…