Status Check - FRM Part 1

Hi, I am only doing past papers and practice exams - 14 odd days left. My strategy would be to focus more on doing questions and in between read chapters from Sch and Bionic Turtle. I am so unprepared. Because of work did not able to concentrate on exams. I planned to take 15 days leaves but two acquisition deals and one buyout attempt tarnished my plan. I guess i am loosing my money as well as time. Can anyone suggests what should i do with say less than 50 hours of study from now to exam? You can sense it that i am in panic mode…i also know i am posting at dead forum.

He he… ya First thing, dont panic. With what you are working on, I can tell you have enough experience, so with your brains, you can crack this one. And secondly, what you are doing is correct, since you dont have much time left, doing ample questions will help. And thirdly, dont panic! And good luck!

Thanx whats your status? where are CFA FRM and others…

Here I am Geranimo. I replied to the General Forum. I am just doing the Bionic Turtle and Schweser questions now. I took the week off from work to review and do questions which has helped me gain confidence. It doesn’t look as bad as the CFA Level 3 in my opinion. If you only have 50 hours, spend half of this time watching Bionic Turtle videos. You should focus on Foundations which only has 8 easy readings for 20% of the exam. Then, do valuation which is easier than Products and is worth 30% of the exam. If you have a strong quant background do a few Schweser chapters of quant. Most importantly save 20 hours for as many questions as you can take. In addition, time yourself because time management is key. Good luck!

Hi, Thanx for valuable suggestions. I am kind of working on your input with practice exams, sch exams and selected reading. However, it looks huge task to nail this beast as level of difficulty in exam would be much higher than practice exam. I got this idea from previous year threads. I cannot say about the pass rate - i believe last year was 41%. May be i am wrong. I read somewhere on these threads. Anyways Good luck

i think pass rates are 50%+

I don’t worry about pass rates. I can’t control what they will be. What I can control is my preparation. So, I will keep doing questions and reviewing key chapters. I recommend you do the same. Good luck!