Status Check - FRM Part 1

Hi, I am only doing past papers and practice exams - 14 odd days left. My strategy would be to focus more on doing questions and in between read chapters from Sch and Bionic Turtle. I am so unprepared. Because of work did not able to concentrate on exams. I planned to take 15 days leaves but two acquisition deals and one buyout attempt tarnished my plan. I guess i am loosing my money as well as time. Can anyone suggests what should i do with say less than 50 hours of study from now to exam? You can sense it that i am in panic mode…i also know i am posting at dead forum.

Where are FRM champions? Please suggest… What about current candidates? Are you guys comfortable?

Hi, I am just doing the Bionic Turtle and Schweser questions now. I took the week off from work to review and do questions which has helped me gain confidence. It doesn’t look as bad as the CFA Level 3 in my opinion. If you only have 50 hours, spend half of this time watching Bionic Turtle videos. You should focus on Foundations which only has 8 easy readings for 20% of the exam. Then, do valuation which is easier than Products and is worth 30% of the exam. If you have a strong quant background do a few Schweser chapters of quant. Most importantly save 20 hours for as many questions as you can take and time yourself. Good luck!