status of preparation

i am wondering where other candidates are in their preparation for the exam. i feel my chances of passing full exam are slim. here is where i am: - went through schweser, expect for quant and 4 readings in op. risk - started to review formulae and concepts; (barely remember anything from b2) - spent ~100 hours to date, which is fully inadequate for little time left before exam - aim to spend rest of time (~50 hours) on review of b2, schweser practice test, GARP 2009 practice exams (skipping quant.) where are you in your preparation?

i only completed SS1, 5, 9… i think i m 3 weeks behind you

I’m not very optimistic either. So far, I have completed reading through all material (except credit risk) and completed all qbank questions for foundations, quant and markets and products. With the remaining 19 days I plan to churn through as much qbank questions as possible and then review and tackle a few practice exams. I know the plan is aggressive, but it’s my only hope. No life for the next 19 days.

pretty much in a similar position as so_fresh , besides i cant do full time , will be working till 16th nov , I think solving practice questions is important

I finished Book 1, Book 2 and Book 5 of Schewser… I liked doing the Book 5 as the third book as it gave me a global view of all risks instead of dwelling on each ones before… I’m going to start Book 3 tomorrow. I still have Book 4 to do as well but I will go thru it fast.

I’m far far behind all you guys…but hope springs eternal. Don’t remember anything though…

btw, I ONLY READ KEY CONCEPTS this time around lol!!! i am going to show everyone this can be done :slight_smile:

monki, u’r too confident…i have a feeling u’r studying day/night and just pulling our leg.

Gah, I’m still stuck in book 2.

I am going on a wing and a prayer for this one. Only done with Schweser book 2 as yet. Also, am extermely busy at work atm. My only hope is that I did CFA level 2 this year and hopefully there is a lot of overlap in the rest of the material. If not, I am f***d big time.

2 more books to go, i sped through book 3… i hope i save enough days to do practice problems. good luck everyone on your progression

Studied 185 hours so far, going to do another 50. I read the books and am doing a lot of Qbank questions now, after which I will do the Schweser practice exam book. Good luck to everyone on the exam.

13 days to go - finally finished reading all the “Key Concepts” from all 5 books. Will start doing some end of chapter questions today.

Monki way to go… After completing just book 1, I am sure to follow your tactic. I just hope it works :slight_smile:

I nailed 103 practice questions today… of coz I got majority of them wrong :slight_smile: but still, that is a good progress !

Question for all - what do you think of the concept checker questions at the end of each AIM in Schweser? Really easy, pretty easy or near comparable to FRM exam questions? Right now, that’s all I’ve got to go on, and I still gotta make it through Books 3-5.

as wif CFA, those are extremely easy and nowhere near the real exam :slight_smile:

I am putting my focus on questions with the handbook. since they are garp old exams questions.

wat, do the online Schweser questions. They are much better because they cover more of the material. The concept checkers are too easy and there is just not enough of them.

like sheerbeer i am also putting time on FRM Handbook even though I couldnt read all the chapters , I will be solving all the questions . I felt that schweser pro qbank questions are not as good as they had for CFA , besides most are trivial sets , its quite funny that I could solve majority of the previous yr questions correctly (which are given at the end of schweser books) but i got pathetic scores in pro qbank …I am yet to solve schweser practice questions