"Stay calm, citizens: Russia’s gun-wielding robot is definitely ‘not Terminator’"


Do not be alarmed. It is merely a new technology tool with the goal of helping people.

Russians just pissed their prized fighter feel victim to mother age and can no longer compete.

UFC 212: Fedor 2.0 vs Jon Jones

For real though - this is terrifying. Then again, so are drones with missiles

Oh come on, does it really need to have hands that pull the triggers on the guns?

Yeah, piss poor design. Literally no reason for it to be a gangly @ss humanoid.

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I think the motivation behind robots like this is that equipment like guns, trucks, or airplanes, are already designed for a human user. So, a robot that resembles a human is compatible with existing infrastructure. Also, I am not saying that people will eventually will use these for sex, but we shouldn’t rule out that possibility either.

That’s ridiculous and disgusting, I don’t know why you’d say such a horrible thing.

I agree about the humanoid design… but guns can get damaged in a firefight *theoretically*, replacing a weapon appendage would be more time out of the field than just replacing the weapon being held. Also more equipment choices for the droid.

Curious how they are designing the targeting system?

More importantly, will the droids use the same robot voices from the Prequels?! Roger roger