Stay with it!

It was this time last year (& the previous 3 years as well) that I was worn out, mentally exhausted, from this CFA process. At lvl 3 you are no doubt feeling the same way, but you have to keep going. Give it your 100% & have absolutely no regrets that you didn’t do what you should have during this crucial point in the process. If things don’t go as planned on results day at least you can look back & know that you couldn’t fight any harder.

Only a few more weeks until it is all over & you can move on with your life.

You can do it!!!

can u please share last month strategy that could be beneficial . Ideally, what should be on priority,


thats my plan.

Thanks for this brutally true paragraph!!

At this point I’m not even excited with becoming a charterholder, cause I have more or less assumed that I’ll be one day.

Now I only want (need) to finish this torture, and the biggest motivations I have are i) to finish it and recover my life and ii) to avoid having any regrets on the results day of what I should have done better.

Just give 100% until June 4th and it’ll pay off!!

Great post!! I’m still feeling healthy and in shape. Need to crush this week and fly into mocks.

5.30am get up (w\e no exceptions!)

7.00am hit the gym every day (ideally even days cardio and odds give to swimming)

9.00am consume 250ml americano w\o milk and get to work

9.15am-6.00pm try to slack off as best as you can on work (ideally take an unpaid month off)

eat small meals every 2-3 hours

after 8pm you’ll start to wear off, so watch game of thrones or championes league 1-1.5 hrs

now since you are recharged a bit give it another 1.5-2 hrs of intensive prep before shut down.

force yourself to go bed no later than 10.30pm (put the gadgets away), for better sleep read ethics

and 39 such interations and you should be good.

Over the last 26 days I studied 91 hours, did all 6 Schweser mocks (twice each - quickly second time), last 3 years of AM exams (twice each) & those dumb tests on the CFA website. You cannot, CANNOT, do too many mock exams.

I remember mising my kids’ practices and games in May & thinking how shitty I was for missing that stuff, but it’s way better to do that trying my best than doing this shit another 6 months.

Just put in the time everyone!

No booze (obviously) & plenty of sleep. If you put in enough effort you will probably be a mess that last few nights, but you’ll know this stuff inside and out on exam day if you put in the work.

Next year you’ll be like me booking a trip on the first weekend in June celebrating the fact you’re not in a conference room.

Words to live by…:smiley:

just crunch mocks baby. there’s plenty of them to go around :slight_smile:

I’m going berzerk, for sure. I’m not sure I can take another month of studying, even though the end is in sight.

Quit stressing. Half of you will pass.


This is terrible inspiration… HAHA