Staying At A Company For One Year? Long Enough?

Just wondering really whether people think that one year is too short or whether people might think that this is a career motivated and hard working individual who wants to be stretched. The truth is the money is better elsewhere and I have 3 years experience working for an IB plus one year at a hedge fund. Can I move from the hedge fund without it looking too bad on my resume? Ideas?

Yes, in this environment and in this industry one year is fine. This isn’t corporate america. This industry is like musical chairs and no one cares about how long you have been somewhere if you have skills that they value and want. Conversely, if they no longer need you anymore, you are gone that day or the next day, in corporate america, usually, they will keep you much longer even if they don’t need you anymore even though you may eventually be let go.

Well - My first job I was there for 3 years , and this job I have been there for just one year. To me it does sound a little too short. I would have said two years was the minimum but I am not that sure. My long term ambition is to be a risk contractor - I can program in C++ and VBA and understand risk so there are a few opportunities out there as a contractor.

Well, I cannot convince you what to think. I gave you my opinion based on my experience, if you feel that anything less than 2 years makes you look bad, then there is nothing I can do about that. Associate level people are looked at as commodities in this industry and no one really cares, as long as you can do the job, associates come and go on a daily basis, people at higher levels don’t give a crap about associates usually b/c they are so easily replaced. Go to the new job and get your raise, quit worrying so much about it.

My regrets tend to be about changing too slowly. There has not been EVEN ONE time that I made a change when I should have left well alone. So I say start looking. Remember that “job hopping” actually requires hopping. Merely looking for another job DOES NOT COUNT. Remember also that it takes time to complete a job search. There is a long chain of events that must take place.

I year is fine. I changed jobs after 5 months, and jumped into a 30% pay increase with the no real concern about why I switched after 5 months. Tell your future employer that you work for a hedge fund and given the current environment you are concerned with the viability of the fund and your future career within fund that is why you are looking for a new job.