Step yo game up Frank!

Similar to CTikka, my interest in Mad Men has faded quite a bit. Ohai makes a good point, though–the best parts of the show are when Draper is on the prowl, crushing any woman he meets immediately.

why didn’t he marry Joan? she is super hot and classy…my type… Listen to this song to Step yo Game Up. NSFW!

How urban will a show like this be? Will an Oreo like myself survive?

first. Bone Thugs was good in the mid 90s…aren’t most of these guys like balding and fat nowadays? 1st of the month is classic… second, aren’t Oreos accepted in hip hop? i thought Oreos got dissed in the late 80s when it was cool to be pro black…i don’t think race matters much anymore…you got a black president…black folks got it made these days…

I wish they were, but you’d be surprised how often I get made out to be an Uncle Tom. It’s almost as if I sold out of my ‘color’ to become successful. Far too many black folks are chasing the dream of pro Ball/Rapper/Hustler/etc. Few too many actually want to work hard and chase the dream of a stable meaninful career. Yes, Bone is classic. And at $10 bones a ticket, this is a real steal. On another note, how’s your hustlin going Frank? Slaying some classy babes yet?

no classy babes at all…i spent the weekend at home reading financial newspapers and annual reports…and i viewed some adult material… i think in Canada is pretty different…we have a ton of ethnic groups here…i feel everybody is accepted and OREOs are definitely not treated differently (i hung around a lot of black folks in my teens and the only ones that had negative things to say were either brainwashed by public enemy or just hating cause they got more girls).

This is my humble opinion, but… it is much easier to find a decent woman than to pass the CFA exams.

its easier if you’re handsome, rich, funny, good listener, and have decent size that can go for hours…

Some chicks don’t like to go for hours, as long as you TCOB. As long as you’re a BSD in your own mind, you’ll be a BSD in 85%+ of women’s minds.

^ Yes. Read the Ladder Theory Frankie. Chicks like Money or the badass biker type.

i have read that theory…unfortunately, i’m neither rich or a biker…i’m thinking if my career goes well maybe I will have some money one day…than i can get a classy babe and buy her a whole bunch of pumps…

i was watching sons of anarchy…of all criminal groups, that is one i wouldn’t want to be a part of if I had to pick…