Step your CALCULATOR game up!

This is ridiculous. Six screws in this thing? No way, Jose! You don’t need any screws. Just added weight. You’ll be able to move more agilely and pop that battery right in there without them screws.

That is all.

the case will stay on without, you should probably keep the two that secure the battery. Either way, has anyone actually seen or heard of someone who’s calculator died during the exam? If you ask me, thats a sign.

pop it and lock it

If my calculator dies I’m going to quit the industry and become a lawyer.

Anyone who hasn’t replaced their CR 2032 today is ballsy.

^ got 2 extras for the exam

still havent changed the battery since L1

dwheats is marked by a greater willingness to take risk.

i have a baii plus easy pop and lock.

During level II i remember someone in my section screaming “All 3 died?!?!”

i have 2 calculaters. bought since level 1. haven’t changed battery yet. i don’t even have the battery.

hopefully both will work.

I spent the past three days re-engineering my calculator I replaced the standard stock processor with an Intel i7 Hasbrouck bridge. I compared the boot and calc times and I pick up like a whole one hundredth of a milisecond. Also installed a mini water based cooling system so I can fully over clock it

Also installed a small solar panel just in case the battery dies

I have one calc and have never replaced the battery and will not replace the battery. Had the same calc since pre algebra in 6th grade. Still Goin strong baby


and ability on account of the extra batteries


No lie - saw a kid changing his battery last year in Philly during L2 PM. He dropped the screws all over the place and was a mess. Just get a second calculator…

whats with all these screws you’re talking about…mine just slides off

Hence the inital post. You don’t need the screws so take them off!

I have one since level 1 (had extra batteries back then) and then bought another for level 2. I’ll take both, although I don’t know which is the new one. Anyway, hope to sell them on ebay early August :wink: