Steps to Financial Statement Analysis Framework? Please Explain

Could someone please explain the logic behind this question. It’s in SS7 Reading 29 number 8. Ratios are an input into which step in the financial analysis framework? A. Process Data B. Collect input data C. Analyze/interpret the processed data D. Develope and communicate conclusions and recommendations I chose A but the answers in the back of the book say C. “Ratios are an output of the process data step but are an input into the analyze/interpret data step”. How can ratios be an output of a step that happens before the input step? Maybe I’ve been reading to long but any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

what do you analyze in step 3? Ratios that have been calculated during step 1 and 2. So the output of 1 and 2 is the input for 3.

Ohhhhhhhh, thanks ssdnola for the response. I thought I was losing it for a minute. I get it now.