Stick FRM between L2 and L3?

Just passed L2 and wonder whether it’s worth take the FRM before starting L3. This winter got results in late Jan, started L2 seriously somewhere in late March… So now thinking whether FRM should be attempted in between. Your ideas? Maybe someone has one it that way? PS Pls don’t post I have a routine life with nothing else to fill it with…:slight_smile: PPS By the way, had a look at FRM Schweser notes and have a feeling its harder than L2…

FRM is a different ball game… though 30-40% portion is same as CFA … the balance part is quite challenging… But the course will definately enhance your knowledge of statistics…

Successfully did FRM between L1 and L2 as a deliberate strategy to jump start the discipline of studying and setting up study campaign for L2 right after Thanksgiving - FRM is indeed a different beast to conquer but sufficient overlap to make it worthwhile as CFA prep and credential in its own right. The FRM vignettes are complex, intricate, with plenty of distractor facts so you definitely have to be at the top of your game to instantly know and use the specific equations and methodologies. I used Schweser FRM review which helped to clarify a lot of the abstract and theoretical concepts, but self-study is critical - don’t rely on review course alone. Overall, I’m glad I did FRM and CAIA to sharpen the skillsets and build momentum towards CFA. Hope this encourages you and helps your decision.

did frm and CFA L1 (December) at the same time – FRM was earlier and helped a bit with CFA (there is some overlap in stat and derivatives). Shouldn’t take much extra time if you passed LII already. You might want to look at PRM once you are done with CFA instead – they will reduce number of sections that you have to answer (stat + financial instruments if I could remember correctly) if you have CFA.

Don’t waste your time, finish L3 first I say and then maybe think about FRM…

CFA_Halifax Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Don’t waste your time, finish L3 first I say and > then maybe think about FRM… CFA_Halifax - why do you think you failed L3 and what will you do differently this year?

Ummm…essays, do a search and see my results. Some peps I know have mentioned a similar experience at L3 and gone on to pass the next yr. Did you pass Dante?

I agree… FRM is a different ball game. They grill you with complex math equations and formulas. expect lots of greek letters…if you know what i mean. for me the concepts were harder to grasp vs. CFA II.

I dont know how difficult FRM is, as I havent looked at the books yet, but I registered for the exam 10 days ago. I have also enrolled for the CAIA L1 exam on Sep 15th. I am assuming 20 days are enough for the L1 CAIA and 2 months for the FRM.

Do not underestimate FRM. I passed all FRM and 3 levels of CFA in 2 years and i think that FRm exam is the most difficult one among 4 exams I took so far. CFA exams are broad and cover lots of fields but questions are straightforward and require simple calculations. Not the case in FRM exam. FRM has complicated questions and may require complex computations. I had no clue on the answers of 30% of the questions. Though I thought I prepared pretty enough for it. Coming out of the exam room, I thought I would fail, luckily I passed because the fellas candidate are also not good like me. To pass this exam, you need to be better than the other candidates which fortunately turned out not a bad result for me

What topics are different than the CFA exam?