Sticky Suggestion

It seems that many are getting tired of seeing the same questions that could easily be answered with a simple search. Since it does not seem like the questions will stop, I have a suggestion. How about having a basic FAQ post stickied to answer some of the repetive questions that appear on a daily basis. IE - List the pros and cons of the BA-II Plus, Plus Pro, and HP-12C Discuss CFAI Texts, Schweser, Stalla, and other supplemenetary aides. Using the resources provided by CFAI for most basic questions. It does not need to be much but it will prevent posts that actually need an answer from getting bumped to the second page. I remember having long delays when dealing with CFAI customer support. If they get a large volume of the questions we see on a regular basis, it is no wonder that they are charging so much for the exams. I’d want to blow my brains out if I worked at the CFAI.