Still have Quant and Econ to do!!!

I am freaking out as I still havent been able to go through Quant and Econ yet and I feel like I don’t have the time. Any advice for me?? For the other SS I have been reading all of them and doing all the questions from the Schweser Q bank. I haven’t done a practice test as yet either. I have a HORRIBLE feeling that I might not be able to make it!!

Don’t worry zephyr. You have plenty of time. Near 50% of Quant is review from Level 1. I though I remembered most, if not all of Econ from last year too. Try to spread out the studying of those 2 SS’s and take a practice exam for the SS’s you’ve covered. If you take the last week off from work, you can complete 3 full practice exams (3 days), review the answers (3 days), have Friday to relax. That’s my plan.

definetly doable I have a coupe ss left too

Probably Doable - I have 2 study sessions to go.

imho, quant and econ are the easiest thing we got here in level II. If you’re ok with the other stuff, you’ll be ok.