Still readijg FRA and its Feb already

How worried should i be? Whats best reading strategy at this stage? I work a 12hr equity analyst job. Thanks.

You should be fine IMO you still have plenty of time to do the reading, I’m shooting to be done going through the notes by Mid-End of April and am on track just finishing up Economics.

yea dude you are just fine… FRA is a bitch for level 1 and after that (assuming you doing readings in order) its a smooth walk in the park even though FI can get to you as well.

Quant and FRA seemed to take forever, Econ as to a certain extent. And then after that the material just flew.

I’m starting FRA today…

What have you read already? @effreyj

Ethics, quant, and econ. I started during the last week of December.

WHATTT??? You’re one reading machine!!! How did you manage that??

I minored in math and econ in undergrad, so it was almost all review. I’m going to have to slow down with FRA.

just finished section 7 ( readings 22-24) the material isn’t that bad, there’s just a lot to memorize, especially with all the differences and similarities between IFRS and GAAP.

I felt like Income Taxes was really long-winded, detailed, and poorly organized. Also, the EOCs only tested a portion of the concepts w/ some things coming up time and again. Will hopefully do Non-current Liabilities today, and maybe finish with FRA by end of week. Book 4, 2, and 1 to go for me.

Income taxes was a real pain. But yeah once you’re done with FRA the rest of the material flies by.

Just finished Income statement, starting the balance sheet chapter tomorrow. Watching the video first before reading. Video in am, books in pm till weekend.

Will cfa stick to one standard setting body when asking questions? Or we really MUST master the differences? :frowning:

yeah, and is it really worth spending the time memorizing the differences? I’m considering blowing off memorizing the differences and spending that time on something else. Is this crazy talk? I’m hoping it’ll just be 1, maybe 2 questions.

I might be slightly exaggerating, but I think at least half of my FRA questions were, “Under GAAP, …”, “Under IFRS, …”, or “What does GAAP allow that IFRS doesn’t?” and vice versa. Understanding both standards is a major component of the section on the exam.

You seem to be fine - you are done with Ethics, Quant and Econ. FRA does take time, plus it is heavily weighted on the test, so no use rushing through it. Equity, Corporate Finance, Alternative Investments, Portfolio Management are easy topics on Level 1. Some people find FI very easy; whereas some struggle. Derivatives is one super-long section imho.

You are kicking my ass, I am finishing quant by middle of next week and hoping to pick up the pace from here on out. I have no finance background and currently work in biotech so was my current process is read the CFAi material while taking note/answering questions, then follow up with reading the corresponding Schweser notes/questions to hammer everything in. I am hoping this will cut down my review time towards the end. Like I said, without the back ground all of this is new material for me hence the note taking, hopefully I can make some ground in February.

Guys, how would you feel if I tell you that I have just received my CFAI boks +Shweiser??? and i registered for June session ??

Well, the Lord is your strength brother! Get on it ASAP!!! Some people have read and passed in 3 - 4 months but they were totally focused. Get busy!